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     There are several key factors to consider when installing a hardwood floor such as,  1.Whether or not the material needs to be acclimated to its new environment and if so, for how long.  2.What type of installation method is best for your application.  3.How long installation will take and what types of transition moldings and finish moldings will be used.
     When it comes to installing any solid wood product in your home, most manufactures will recommend at least 72 hours of acclimation time prior to installation.  Some will recommend one full week or even up to a month depending on the species and several other variables.  This is to ensure that the wood can adjust to your normal living temperatures and humidity. It is highly recommended that the temperature in the building remain between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and that the relative humidity remain between 35-55% at least 72 hours prior to installation as well as during and after installation.  Many wood floor owners employ a humidifier during drier months to keep the relative humidity from dipping below 35%.  If these conditions are exceeded coinciding with installation and thereafter, it is likely that the floor will develop some minor imperfections as well as expansion and/or contraction.
     Engineered flooring, however, requires no elaborate acclimation period.   This is due largely in part to its plywood-like construction with several layers of  wood, each adjacent layer's grain running perpendicular to the next.  This gives engineered flooring its superior dimensional stability.  In other words,  it is highly unlikely that the boards will expand or contract in response to swings in temperature and humidity when compared to a solid wood product.
       These and several other details can be discussed at the time of estimation or over the phone.  Feel free to call us at (530) 362-0553.
Engineered Wood Flooring    


Installer Laying Out Flooring Strips
Installer Laying Out Flooring Strips
Proper installation can make your hardwood floor dreams a reality! Here an installer racks the floor out to ensure proper joint spacing.
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